Hawkplay PH: Complete Guide on Live Sabong for Casino Lovers

Hawkplay PH: Complete Guide on Live Sabong for Casino Lovers - Hawkplay

Live Sabong is one of the most exciting games that you can find in Philippine casinos and online casinos like Hawkplay. This game mixes traditional cockfighting with elements of betting and luck, combining to create an exciting and thrilling game that can be enjoyed by anyone. In this guide, we’ll cover the rules and essentials of Live Sabong, as well as explain why it’s so popular at Hawkplay and in the Philippines.

What is Live Sabong?

Live Sabong, sometimes referred to as sabungan or sabung, is a traditional Philippine cockfighting game that has been enjoyed for centuries. The rules of the game are simple, two roosters battle it out in a dirt arena, and the participants bet on which one will win. It isn’t as animalistic as modern day cockfighting, and instead has more in common with esports-style betting, as the participants place bets on which rooster will win without being present in the arena. In modern-day Live Sabong, there are a few variations that have been implemented by Hawkplay , making the game even more thrilling and enjoyable.

Rules and Essentials of Live Sabong:

Live Sabong is not complicated to understand, and it only takes a few minutes to catch up.

Step 1: Get an Account at Hawkplay:
To participate in Live Sabong, you first need to create an account at Hawkplay . This is an easy process, as you just need to provide your basic details such as name, address, and contact information. Once your account is created, you’ll have access to the game and will be able to place bets.

Step 2: Find a Game:
Once you have your Hawkplay account, there are a few different ways to find a game of Live Sabong. You can browse the live games section and see which ones are available, or join one of the chatrooms where participants can talk about upcoming games. You can also find games through the Hawkplay forum, where users can post details about specific games that they’re involved in.

Step 3: Place a Bet:
Once you’ve found a game, you’ll need to place your bet. In Live Sabong, participants can choose to bet on either the victorious rooster or the loser. The amount of your bet will depend on the odds set by the game organizers, and you can choose the amount that you want to bet. Once the bet has been accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation, and the game will start.

Step 4: Watch the Game:
If you’re not present in the arena, you can watch the game live on Hawkplay . The game will be streamed to your device, and you’ll be able to watch and cheer your rooster on.

Step 5: Collect Your Winnings:
At the end of the game, you’ll receive your winnings if your bet was successful. This process is automated, so you won’t have to wait for your winnings to be released.

Why Play Live Sabong?

Live Sabong is a great way to enjoy the thrill of traditional cockfighting without actually having to handle any of the birds. It’s a safe and exciting game that can be enjoyed at Hawkplay and other online casinos in the Philippines. Additionally, the game is easy to understand, and you can have your winnings released within minutes.


In conclusion, Live Sabong is a great game that is enjoyed by casino enthusiasts in the Philippines, particularly at Hawkplay. It’s a safe, exciting, and profitable way to enjoy the thrill of traditional cockfighting without actually having to handle the birds. For any players looking to get into Sabong, it’s important to understand the rules and essentials, so they can make the most of their playing experience. Now you know all you need to know about Live Sabong, why not create an account at Hawkplay today and get in on the action?

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