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Welcome to Hawkplay, your ultimate guide to mastering the art of Bingo calls! With a list of 90 unique and exciting Bingo calls, you'll never miss a beat in your game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice looking to get into the fun-filled world of online Bingo, this comprehensive guide is your ticket to understanding and mastering these calls. In the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming in the Philippines, Hawkplay stands out as a beacon for Bingo enthusiasts. Our Bingo calls list is designed to enrich your gaming experience, making it more engaging, interactive, and fun. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of Bingo calls with Hawkplay!

The Intriguing World of Bingo Calls

The world of Bingo calls is a fascinating one, brimming with unique names and vibrant lingo. This captivating universe is filled with 90 unique calls, each with its own distinct charm and character. These calls are not just random words or phrases; they serve a crucial role in the game of Bingo, adding a layer of intrigue and excitement to this popular game.

At Hawkplay, we aim to enhance your gaming experience by providing a comprehensive guide to these intriguing Bingo calls. We believe that understanding the essence of each call will not only enrich your gameplay but also provide an interesting insight into the cultural and historical aspects of this classic game. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Bingo calls!

Decoding Bingo Calls: 1 – Kelly’s Eye to 90 – Top of the Shop

Decoding Bingo Calls: 1 – Kelly’s Eye to 90 – Top of the Shop

Understanding Bingo calls can be a fun and educational journey. From 'Kelly’s Eye' at number 1 to 'Top of the Shop' at 90, each call has a story to tell, a reason for its existence. Let’s decode these calls and uncover the magic hidden behind each number.

  1. Kelly's Eye - Number 1: Named after the one-eyed military man, Ned Kelly.
  2. One Little Duck - Number 2: The shape of the number resembles a little duck.
  3. Cup of Tea - Number 3: A rhyming call, tea rhymes with three.
  4. Knock at the Door - Number 4: Another rhyming call, four rhymes with door.
  5. Man Alive - Number 5: This call rhymes with five.
  6. Tom Mix - Number 6: Rhymes with six; named after the early Western movie star.
  7. Lucky Seven - Number 7: Seven is often considered a lucky number.
  8. Garden Gate - Number 8: Rhymes with eight.
  9. Doctor's Orders - Number 9: Number 9 was a laxative pill given by army doctors in WWII.
  10. Theresa's Den - Number 10: Rhymes with ten; reference to UK Prime Minister's residence.
  11. Legs Eleven - Number 11: Refers to the shape of the number looking like two legs.
  12. One Dozen - Number 12: A dozen equals twelve.
  13. Unlucky for Some - Number 13: Thirteen is traditionally an unlucky number.
  14. Valentine's Day - Number 14: Refers to the date, February 14th.
  15. Young and Keen - Number 15: Rhymes with fifteen.
  16. Sweet Sixteen - Number 16: A significant age milestone in many cultures.
  17. Dancing Queen - Number 17: Refers to the ABBA song; seventeen rhymes with queen.
  18. Coming of Age - Number 18: Eighteen is often considered the age of adulthood.
  19. Goodbye Teens - Number 19: Nineteen is the last of the teenage years.
  20. One Score - Number 20: A score is twenty in old counting systems.
  21. Key of the Door - Number 21: Traditionally, 21 is the age of adulthood, hence receiving a key.
  22. Two Little Ducks - Number 22: The shape of the numbers resembles two ducks.
  23. The Lord is My Shepherd - Number 23: The first words of Psalm 23 in the Bible.
  24. Two Dozen - Number 24: Twenty-four is two times twelve, or two dozen.
  25. Duck and Dive - Number 25: Rhymes with twenty-five; also a duck (2) and a five.
  26. Two and Six, Half a Crown - Number 26: Old British currency reference.
  27. Duck and a Crutch - Number 27: A rhyme involving a duck (2) and crutch-shaped seven.
  28. In a State - Number 28: Rhymes with twenty-eight.
  29. Rise and Shine - Number 29: Rhymes with twenty-nine.
  30. Dirty Gertie - Number 30: Rhymes with thirty and references a popular song from WWII.
  31. Get Up and Run - Number 31: Rhymes with thirty-one.
  32. Buckle My Shoe - Number 32: From the nursery rhyme, 'One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.'
  33. All the Threes - Number 33: Simply because it's two threes.
  34. Ask for More - Number 34: Rhymes with thirty-four.
  35. Jump and Jive - Number 35: Rhymes with thirty-five.
  36. Three Dozen - Number 36: Three times twelve equals thirty-six.
  37. More than Eleven - Number 37: Rhymes with thirty-seven.
  38. Christmas Cake - Number 38: Rhymes with thirty-eight.
  39. 39 Steps - Number 39: Reference to the novel and film, 'The Thirty-Nine Steps.'
  40. Life Begins - Number 40: Refers to the saying, 'Life begins at forty.'
  41. Time for Fun - Number 41: Rhymes with forty-one.
  42. Winnie the Pooh - Number 42: Rhymes with forty-two.
  43. Down on Your Knees - Number 43: Rhymes with forty-three.
  44. Droopy Drawers - Number 44: Rhymes with forty-four.
  45. Halfway There - Number 45: Signifying the halfway point in the game.
  46. Up to Tricks - Number 46: Rhymes with forty-six and implies cunning or mischief.
  47. Four and Seven - Number 47: Simply a rhyme with the numbers.
  48. Four Dozen - Number 48: Represents four dozens or 48 in total.
  49. PC - Number 49: Refers to the British police constable, '49' being their radio call sign.
  50. Half a Century - Number 50: Fifty years, marking half a century.
  51. Tweak of the Thumb - Number 51: A rhyme with fifty-one.
  52. Danny La Rue - Number 52: Named after the famous Irish singer and entertainer.
  53. Stuck in the Tree - Number 53: Rhymes with fifty-three.
  54. Clean the Floor - Number 54: Rhymes with fifty-four.
  55. Snakes Alive - Number 55: The two fives resemble snakes, hence 'snakes alive'.
  56. Was She Worth It? - Number 56: Refers to the old price of a marriage license, 5/6d.
  57. Heinz Varieties - Number 57: Referring to the '57 varieties' slogan of the Heinz company.
  58. Make Them Wait - Number 58: A simple rhyme with fifty-eight.
  59. Brighton Line - Number 59: Refers to the London to Brighton train service.
  60. Five Dozen - Number 60: A straightforward reference to sixty items.
  61. Baker's Bun - Number 61: Rhymes with sixty-one.
  62. Turn on the Screw - Number 62: Rhymes with sixty-two.
  63. Tickle Me - Number 63: A fun rhyme with sixty-three.
  64. Red Raw - Number 64: Rhymes with sixty-four.
  65. Old Age Pension - Number 65: The traditional age for retirement in the UK.
  66. Clickety Click - Number 66: The numbers look like two clicking fingers.
  67. Made in Heaven - Number 67: Rhymes with sixty-seven.
  68. Saving Grace - Number 68: Rhymes with sixty-eight.
  69. Anyway Up - Number 69: The number looks the same upside down and right side up.
  70. Three Score and Ten - Number 70: Biblical reference, three scores (20) plus ten equals seventy.
  71. Bang on the Drum - Number 71: Rhymes with seventy-one.
  72. Par for the Course - Number 72: Refers to the standard golf score.
  73. Queen Bee - Number 73: Rhymes with seventy-three.
  74. Candy Store - Number 74: Rhymes with seventy-four.
  75. Strive and Strive - Number 75: Rhymes with seventy-five.
  76. Trombones - Number 76: From the song, '76 Trombones.'
  77. Sunset Strip - Number 77: Reference to the TV series '77 Sunset Strip.'
  78. Heaven's Gate - Number 78: Rhymes with seventy-eight.
  79. One More Time - Number 79: Rhymes with seventy-nine.
  80. Eighty's Gate - Number 80: Rhyming phrase for eighty.
  81. Stop and Run - Number 81: Rhymes with eighty-one.
  82. Straight On Through - Number 82: Rhymes with eighty-two.
  83. Time for Tea - Number 83: Rhymes with eighty-three.
  84. Seven Dozen - Number 84: A reference to seven times twelve, totaling eighty-four.
  85. Staying Alive - Number 85: Rhymes with eighty-five, reminiscent of the popular Bee Gees song.
  86. Between the Sticks - Number 86: Rhymes with eighty-six, a term used in football (soccer) referring to the goalkeeper's position.
  87. Torquay in Devon - Number 87: Rhymes with eighty-seven; Torquay is a town in Devon, England.
  88. Two Fat Ladies - Number 88: The two 8s resemble two plump ladies standing next to each other.
  89. Nearly There - Number 89: Indicates that the end of the game is approaching.
  90. Top of the Shop - Number 90: Signifies the highest number in Bingo, marking the end of the range.

Now that we've decoded the Bingo calls from 1 to 90, you're ready to engage in a game with enhanced understanding and enjoyment. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, this comprehensive list will serve as an invaluable tool in your Bingo gameplay. Remember, at Hawkplay, we strive to make your gaming experience as enriching as possible. So, sign up here and embark on your Bingo journey today!

Hawkplay's Bingo Call List: A Key to Exciting Gameplay

At Hawkplay, we believe in providing our players with comprehensive resources to enhance their gaming experience. Our Bingo Call List is designed to serve this purpose. This list not only decodes the unique lingo of Bingo calls but also adds an element of fun and excitement to the game.

Whether you're playing 'Lucky God', 'Golden Empire', 'Money Coming', or our other fantastic Hawkplay Games, understanding these Bingo calls will add a new dimension to your gaming experience. So, don't wait! Dive into the thrilling world of Bingo with Hawkplay today!

The Origin of Bingo Calls

With the game of Bingo boasting a rich history that spans over 500 years, the use of Bingo calls has become an integral part of the experience. Originating from the United Kingdom in the 16th century, Bingo was initially played at carnivals and fairs, with the announcer calling out numbers in a unique and entertaining manner to keep the crowd engaged.

These calls soon evolved into a language of their own, with each number gaining a distinctive phrase or nickname. For instance, the number 88 came to be known as "Two Fat Ladies", a humorous nod to the shape of the number. Similarly, number 9 became "Doctor's Time", a reference to the traditional appointment time of 9 o'clock. These calls added an element of fun and camaraderie to the game, making it a beloved pastime for many.

Bingo calls continued to evolve over the centuries, reflecting social changes and cultural trends. Modern Bingo calls now include references to pop culture, sports, and even politics, adding a contemporary twist to this age-old game. Today, Bingo calls remain a cherished tradition in Bingo halls across the world, bringing a touch of nostalgia and a whole lot of fun to every game.

Sofia 'The Dealer Whisperer' Diaz on Bingo Calls

"Bingo calls are more than just fun phrases, they're a testament to the enduring charm of the game. Over the years, I've seen how these calls can transform a simple game of Bingo into a lively social event. It's not just about winning, it's about the camaraderie, the shared laughter, and the unique language that Bingo players all over the world understand and love." - Sofia Diaz, Live Casino Insider

With years of experience in the live casino industry, Sofia Diaz has seen firsthand how Bingo calls can enhance the gaming experience. These calls, she believes, are a key reason why Bingo has remained popular for centuries. They build a sense of community among players, adding a layer of fun and excitement to the game. Whether it's a traditional call like "Two Fat Ladies" for 88 or a newer one like "Tinder Date" for number 8, each call brings a smile to the players' faces and keeps the spirit of Bingo alive.

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Hawkplay Bingo: Your Ultimate Destination for Bingo Calls

When it comes to online Bingo, Hawkplay Casino is the ultimate destination for Bingo enthusiasts in the Philippines. With a unique twist on the traditional game, Hawkplay Bingo offers a complete list of 90 Bingo calls, adding a layer of fun and excitement to your gameplay.

# Bingo Call
1 Kelly's Eye
2 One Little Duck

These amusing and memorable phrases are part of what makes Hawkplay Bingo a standout choice for online Bingo. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, Hawkplay's extensive Bingo calls list adds a unique flavor to your gaming experience.

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