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Unveiling Ways of the Qilin at Hawkplay Casino - Hawkplay Slot

Dive into the mythical adventures of 'Ways of the Qilin' at Hawkplay Casino, an enchanting slot game that has captured the imagination of over 20,000 monthly players. Inspired by the revered Qilin, a creature of prosperity and serenity in East Asian folklore, this game offers a unique blend of thrill and serenity. Each spin is a step on the path of fortune, guided by the benevolent spirit of the Qilin. Launched in the auspicious year of 2020 by renowned game designer Mang Pilar, this game, with its 243 ways to win, has quickly become a beacon of attraction in the vibrant world of online gaming. Experience the mystical lands of the Philippines like never before with 'Ways of the Qilin' at Hawkplay Casino.

Unraveling the Legend of the Qilin

In the rich tapestry of Asian mythology, the Qilin stands out as a symbol of prosperity and serenity. Often depicted with a body of a deer, the tail of an ox, the hooves of a horse, and a body covered in scales, this mystical creature is believed to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler. The Qilin is also known for its benevolent nature, known to tread lightly to avoid harming a single blade of grass.

The game 'Ways of the Qilin' brings this legendary creature to life, allowing players to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of Asian folklore. The game, designed by the renowned game designer Mang Pilar, is a testament to the captivating allure of the Qilin and its symbolism in Asian culture.

Launched in 2020, 'Ways of the Qilin' has quickly gained popularity among the patrons of Hawkplay Casino, with its engaging gameplay and immersive narrative. The game's design intricately weaves the Qilin's symbolism into the gameplay, allowing players to experience the Qilin's benevolence firsthand. As the reels spin, players are invited on a path of luck and fortune, guided by the Qilin's spirit.

Each symbol in the game is meticulously crafted, reflecting the Qilin's mythical attributes. From the majestic Qilin itself to the auspicious symbols of Asian mythology, every element in the game adds to the immersive experience, making 'Ways of the Qilin' a unique gem in the world of online gaming.

The Allure of Gameplay Mechanics

'Ways of the Qilin' is not just about aesthetics; it's also about the gameplay mechanics that make it a stand-out choice for casino enthusiasts. The game boasts of 243 ways to win, providing players with numerous opportunities to strike it big. The mechanics are simple yet engaging, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience for both beginners and seasoned players.

  • Wild Symbol: The Qilin acts as the wild symbol in the game, replacing all other symbols except the scatter. It appears on reels 2, 3, and 4 and can help form winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol is represented by a golden coin. Landing three or more of these symbols triggers the Free Spins feature, where players can win up to 20 free spins.
  • Free Spins: During the Free Spins feature, the Qilin symbol becomes a stacked wild, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations. The feature can be retriggered, providing more chances to win.
  • Gamble Feature: After each win, players have the option to gamble their winnings in a double-or-nothing game. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

These unique gameplay mechanics coupled with the game's captivating narrative make 'Ways of the Qilin' a must-try for anyone looking to explore the enchanting world of Asian mythology. Whether you're a fan of slot games or just a casual player looking for a fun gaming experience, 'Ways of the Qilin' offers an adventure you wouldn't want to miss. So, step into the world of the Qilin and embark on a journey of luck and fortune at Hawkplay Casino.

Why 'Ways of the Qilin' Stands Out at Hawkplay


At Hawkplay, we pride ourselves on our diverse collection of games. There's something for everyone, from real-time poker to immersive slots. Yet, amongst this vast array, 'Ways of the Qilin' shines as a unique gem. So, what sets it apart?

Unlike other games, 'Ways of the Qilin' seamlessly fuses the thrill of gaming with the richness of Asian folklore. The mythical Qilin, known for bringing luck and prosperity, takes center stage, guiding players on a captivating journey towards fortune. This intricate design and narrative is the brainchild of renowned game designer, Mang Pilar.

However, the allure of 'Ways of the Qilin' isn't just in its aesthetics. With 243 ways to win, the game offers a high level of engagement that keeps players on their toes. This dynamic gameplay sets it apart from other games at Hawkplay.

Game Unique Features
'Ways of the Qilin' 243 ways to win, Qilin-themed design, engaging narrative
Boxing King Sport-themed, real-time gaming experience
Golden Empire Progressive jackpot, Egyptian-themed design

As you can see, each game at Hawkplay has its unique charm. Yet, 'Ways of the Qilin' stands out with its rich narrative and exciting gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie, this game promises a thrilling adventure. Don't take our word for it, register at Hawkplay and experience it yourself!

Arjun Patel's Verdict on 'Ways of the Qilin'

"In my years of experience as a Live Casino Strategist, I've seen numerous games. Yet, 'Ways of the Qilin' stands out. Its intricate design, captivating narrative, and dynamic gameplay make it a must-try. It's not just a game; it's an experience."

These are the words of Arjun Patel, a renowned Live Casino Strategist for GambleGuru Digest. His expert opinion on 'Ways of the Qilin' echoes our belief in the game. Its unique blend of narrative, design, and gameplay sets it apart, offering players an immersive gaming experience.

So, whether you're a fan of Asian folklore or looking for a game with a high level of engagement, 'Ways of the Qilin' is the game for you. Join us at Hawkplay and embark on an unforgettable journey with the mystical Qilin.

Embark on Your Mythical Journey Today

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? One filled with mythical creatures, ancient symbols, and exciting rewards? Then, it's time to explore the captivating 'Ways of the Qilin' at Hawkplay Casino.

Designed by the renowned game designer Mang Pilar, 'Ways of the Qilin' is a slot game that takes you on a thrilling adventure into the heart of Asian folklore. The game features the Qilin, a mythical creature revered in East Asian culture for its symbolism of prosperity and serenity.

The game's vibrant graphics, enchanting music, and immersive gameplay transport you to a mystical world where luck and fortune are just a spin away. With 243 ways to win, every spin offers a new opportunity to strike it rich.

Since its launch in 2020, 'Ways of the Qilin' has quickly gained popularity among online casino players in the Philippines. The game averages over 20,000 monthly plays at Hawkplay Casino alone, making it one of the most played games on the platform.

But the allure of 'Ways of the Qilin' goes beyond its engaging gameplay and attractive rewards. The game is also a testament to the rich cultural heritage and creativity of the Philippines. It's a fusion of traditional folklore and modern gaming technology that offers a unique gaming experience.

The 'Ways of the Qilin' is a perfect example of the quality and diversity of games available at Hawkplay Casino. The online casino offers a wide variety of games from top game providers like Jili Games and Evolution Gaming. Whether you're a fan of slots, table games, or live dealer games, Hawkplay Casino has got you covered.

Moreover, Hawkplay Casino is committed to providing a safe and fair gaming environment. The casino operates under the regulation of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), ensuring that all games are fair and transparent. With top-notch security measures in place, you can play with peace of mind knowing that your data and money are safe.

Online gaming is more than just about winning. It's about the thrill of the game, the excitement of the spin, and the joy of discovering new worlds. And 'Ways of the Qilin' delivers just that. It's not just a game; it's an adventure into a world of mythology, fortune, and fun.

So what are you waiting for? Embark on your mythical journey today. Try 'Ways of the Qilin' at Hawkplay Casino and experience the thrill of the game for yourself. Who knows, the Qilin might just guide you to your fortune.

As the Casino Pro Association Philippines (CPAP) would say, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. Prepare for your opportunity today at Hawkplay Casino. The mythical Qilin awaits!

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