Hawkplay Promotions and Free Bonus

Let's dive into a sea of exciting wins with Hawkplay's top promotions and free bonuses for 2023! As one of the Philippines' leading online casinos, Hawkplay offers a treasure chest of bonuses for both new players and loyal betters. From a juicy $30 welcome bonus to a whopping 120% cashback on your first deposit, every step you take in Hawkplay is paved with bonus gold. Not to forget the enticing rewards that greet you every time you log in. And it's not just about cash - Hawkplay gives you the chance to join an exclusive loyalty club and spin into wins with free spins on promotional slot games. So, buckle up and explore the delightful world of Hawkplay's top promotions that are all set to make 2023 a year of endless fun and wins for you!

Top 5 Free Bonus Promotions - Hawkplay

Top 5 Casino Promotions

$30 Pesos
Welcome Bonus

120 %
Cashback Bonus

$500 Pesos
Continue Login Bonus

  1. Welcome Bonus Free $30 Pesos

    As a warm greeting to new users, Hawkplay offers a free $30 bonus. This extra boost upon registration is just the beginning of your winning streak!

  2. 120% Cashback Bonus on First Deposit

    Make your first deposit at Hawkplay and receive a massive 120% cashback! This means more opportunities to explore and win in your favorite games.

  3. Continued Login Bonus Maximum $500 Pesos

    Consistency is rewarded at Hawkplay! Regular players who log in consistently can expect to receive bonuses of up to $500 pesos, increasing your betting power significantly.

  4. Loyalty Program

    Become a part of Hawkplay's esteemed loyalty program. As a member, enjoy exclusive benefits, perks, and rewards that increase with your activity on the platform.

  5. Free Spins on Promotional Slot Games

    Try your luck on Hawkplay's promotional slot games with free spins! An exciting opportunity for players to potentially win big without even spending a dime.

Welcome Bonus Free $30 Pesos

"There's no better way to start your gaming journey than with a free $30 bonus. The thrill starts here at Hawkplay!"

Are you new to the world of online gaming? Or perhaps you're just new to Hawkplay? Either way, we've got the perfect welcome gift for you. As a token of appreciation for choosing us as your gaming destination, we're providing new players with a $30 bonus absolutely free! Now, isn't that a warm welcome? You can use this bonus to explore the vast range of games available on our platform, and who knows, you might even hit the jackpot. But remember, it's all about the fun and excitement of gaming. So, let's dive right into it!

Time Period

Jul 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2024

Event Detail

💰 This is a welcome bonus event, exclusively for new players. Once you complete the registration process, a free $30 bonus will be credited to your Hawkplay account.

👉 Let's say you sign up today. As soon as your account is activated, you will receive your $30 bonus. There are no extra steps, calculations, or conditions for this bonus – it's as simple as signing up and getting rewarded!

⛔ This bonus is only valid for new registrations. Existing users or duplicate accounts will not be eligible for this bonus.

Bonus application method and requirements

Application method

  1. Complete the registration process on Hawkplay.
  2. Confirm your account via the verification email sent to you.
  3. Login to your account. The bonus will be automatically credited to your account.


  • You must be a new user. This means you have never registered on Hawkplay before.
  • Your account must be verified via email.
  • You must be of legal gambling age in the Philippines.

120% Cashback Bonus of First Deposit

"Make your first deposit and get more than what you bargained for with a whopping 120% cashback bonus. This is how we roll at Hawkplay!"

Stepping into the captivating world of online gaming has never been so rewarding. At Hawkplay, we don't just appreciate your presence; we value your active participation. That's why we're offering a phenomenal 120% cashback bonus on your first deposit. It's a win-win scenario. You get to enjoy our array of games and receive a generous cashback bonus. The cashback is our way of ensuring you have the best gaming experience. It allows you to play longer, bet bigger, and potentially win larger. So, gear up for an exhilarating journey that begins with a fantastic 120% cashback on your first deposit.

Time Period

Jul 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2024

Event Detail

💰 This promotion applies to your very first deposit at Hawkplay. When you make this deposit, you will receive a 120% cashback bonus.

👉 For instance, if you deposit $100 as your first deposit, you will receive a bonus of $120 (120% of $100). That means you'll have a total of $220 to start your gaming journey.

⛔ This cashback bonus only applies to the first deposit and can only be claimed once. Also, the maximum bonus amount that can be received is $500.

Bonus application method and requirements

Application method

  1. Register and verify your account at Hawkplay.
  2. Make your first deposit.
  3. The bonus will be automatically applied to your account within 24 hours of your deposit.


  • You must be a registered user at Hawkplay and must have verified your account.
  • This bonus applies to your first deposit only.
  • You must deposit within the promotional period to avail the bonus.
  • You must be of legal gambling age in the Philippines.

Continue Login Bonus Maximum $500 Pesos

"Consistency is the key to success. By logging in every day, you can earn up to $500 pesos. Make Hawkplay a daily habit!"

What's better than winning? Winning every day! At Hawkplay, we believe in rewarding our loyal players who choose us for their daily gaming dose. We're introducing our 'Continue Login Bonus' – a bonus you can earn just by logging in to your Hawkplay account daily. You heard it right! No gameplay, no deposit, just a simple login can get you up to $500 pesos. It's a way for us to say thank you for choosing Hawkplay as your trusted gaming partner. So, why wait? Log in every day and grab your bonus!

Time Period

Jan 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2024

Event Detail

💰 This event rewards you for your daily login to Hawkplay. Each daily login contributes towards your bonus accumulation up to $500 pesos.

👉 Here's how it works. If you log in every day for seven consecutive days, you get a bonus. The bonus starts at $20 pesos for the first day and increases by $20 pesos every day up to the seventh day. So, by the end of the week, you could earn a total of $140 pesos. Continue this for four weeks, and you've got yourself $560 pesos!

⛔ This bonus applies only to daily logins. If you miss a day, the count resets to Day 1.

Bonus application method and requirements

Application method

  1. Log in to your Hawkplay account daily.
  2. The bonus will be automatically credited to your account on your seventh consecutive login.
  3. Continue logging in daily to keep earning.


  • You must log in every day for seven consecutive days to earn the weekly bonus.
  • If you miss a day, your login count resets to Day 1.
  • The maximum bonus you can earn per month is $500 pesos.

4. Hawkplay's Loyalty Program

"Over 60% of our active players are part of our Loyalty Program, enjoying additional perks and bonuses. Join the club!"

Customer loyalty is a virtue that Hawkplay not only appreciates but also rewards generously. As you continue to enjoy the gaming world of Hawkplay, you simultaneously earn points under our special Loyalty Program. These points, also known as Loyalty Points, can be exchanged for exciting rewards, additional bonuses, and exclusive privileges. It's our little way of saying "Thank you for being part of Hawkplay". Over time, the accumulated points can significantly enhance your gaming experience. So why wait? Let's get you started on the path to additional perks and privileges!

Time Period

Jul 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2024

Event Detail

💰 Each time you play a game on Hawkplay, you earn Loyalty Points. The more you play, the more points you earn!

👉 As an example, let's assume you earn 1 point for every $10 you bet. If you bet $100 in a day, you would earn 10 points. These points are automatically added to your Loyalty Points balance and can be redeemed for rewards or bonus credit.

⛔ Please note that the Loyalty Program is only available to registered and verified Hawkplay users. The points cannot be transferred to another account and have no cash value.

Bonus application method and requirements

Application method

  1. Sign in to your Hawkplay account.
  2. Check your Loyalty Points balance on the account dashboard.
  3. Redeem your points through the "Redeem Points" option.


  • You must be a registered and verified Hawkplay user.
  • You need to have a minimum balance of points (as specified in the program terms) to be able to redeem them.

Free Spins of Promote Slot Game: Turning Wheels and Raising Thrills!

‟With a whopping 20% increase in wins, free spins significantly boost the chances of players hitting the jackpot!”

Free spins are a dream come true for any slot game enthusiast. Imagine spinning the wheel and winning massive rewards, all without spending a single peso. That's the kind of joy Hawkplay's "Free Spins of Promote Slot Game" brings to you! We've seen our players' eyes light up with excitement as they land a winning combination using these free spins. For beginners, it's a chance to get the hang of the game, and for veterans, it's an opportunity to win big without any risk. Get ready to add more fun to your Hawkplay gaming experience!

Time Period

Jul 1, 2023 - Jun 30, 2024

Event Detail

💰 Players are offered a set number of free spins for a specific slot game during the promotion period.

👉 For instance, if you're given 10 free spins for a slot game where each spin costs $2 pesos, you essentially get $20 pesos worth of game time for free! If you win a prize, it's credited straight to your account.

⛔ The free spins are only valid for the specific slot game mentioned in the promotion and cannot be transferred to other games.

Bonus application method and requirements

Application Method

  1. Log in to your Hawkplay account.
  2. Go to the "Promotions" page and find the "Free Spins" offer.
  3. Click on "Apply Now" to activate the free spins for your account.
  4. Go to the specific slot game and start spinning for free!


  • You must have a verified Hawkplay account.
  • You must apply for the free spins during the promotion period.
  • The free spins must be used within the specified validity period.

Daily Rewards for the Top 100 Players

At Hawkplay, the thrill doesn’t end at the spin of a slot or the flip of a card. It continues right into our robust reward system. Every day, the top 100 players are not just climbing a leaderboard; they’re securing their spot for a generous portion of daily rewards. It's not just about the winnings or the rush of the game, it's also about the recognition and the rewards that come with being one of the top players.

These coveted spots are a battlefield where strategy and luck meet. Imagine the anticipation, the excitement, as you check the leaderboard to see your name up in lights, knowing you're in line for something special Unleash the Power of Free 100 Bonus. It's about the status, the prestige, and, of course, the bonuses that come with being one of Hawkplay's elite. Whether it's free spins, bonus cash, or exclusive offers, these daily tokens of appreciation fuel the competitive spirit of each player, driving them to return and play more. What could be better than earning rewards simply for enjoying your favorite games?

6 Tips to Claim Hawkplay Deals

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it’s as enticing as the ones offered by Hawkplay. To ensure you’re not missing out, here are six insider tips on how to claim and make the most of Hawkplay deals.

  • Understand the Terms: Before you play, read the fine print. Each deal has its own rules, and knowing them is key to unlocking its full potential.
  • Stay Active: Many deals are time-sensitive. Keep an eye on your account notifications and email to catch every offer.
  • Maximize Your Deposits: Look out for deposit bonuses. Timing your deposits when these deals are available can dramatically increase your playing funds.
  • Play the Right Games: Some promotions are game-specific. Whether it’s slots or table games, play the games that contribute to the deal’s criteria.
  • Check the Wagering Requirements: Bonuses often come with wagering requirements. Make sure they are within reasonable limits for you to achieve and reap the benefits.
  • Leverage VIP Offers: If you’re a VIP, exclusive deals are your privilege. Use them to the fullest to enhance your gaming experience.

Remember, it's not just about playing; it's about playing smart. With these tips in hand, you’re all set to navigate through the array of deals Hawkplay has lined up for you. For more details on the nitty-gritty of withdrawals after you hit it big with these deals, don't miss out on our comprehensive guide at Hawkplay Withdrawal Troubles: A Solution Guide.

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